Required dependencies

Optional dependencies

Minimum dependency versions

xarray_mongodb adopts a rolling policy regarding the minimum supported versions of its dependencies:

  • Python: 42 months (NEP-29)

  • numpy: 24 months (NEP-29)

  • pandas: 12 months

  • pint and sparse: very latest available versions only, until the technology based on NEP-18 will have matured. This extends to all other libraries as well when one wants to use pint or sparse.

  • all other libraries: 6 months

You can see the actual minimum supported and tested versions:

Sphinx documentation

To build the Sphinx documentation:

  1. Source conda environment

  2. Move to the root directory of this project

  3. Execute:

    conda env create -n xarray_mongodb_docs --file ci/requirements-docs.yml
    conda activate xarray_mongodb_docs
    export PYTHONPATH=$PWD
    sphinx-build -n -j auto -b html -d build/doctrees doc build/html


To run the test suite:

  1. Start MongoDB on localhost (no password)

  2. Source conda environment

  3. Move to the root directory of this project

  4. Execute:

    conda env create -n xarray_mongodb_py37 --file ci/requirements-py37.yml
    conda activate xarray_mongodb_py37
    export PYTHONPATH=$PWD

Replace py37 with any of the environments available in the ci directory.